Taking regular vacations is something that everyone would love but few people actually do. There are many reasons for this I guess, not the least of which is having enough money to get away each year and just relax. For me, one of the biggest reasons that vacations never materialized for my family was because of the stress that it took to plan a great family vacation. Each year we talked about planning a great trip, but when it came to actually planning the trip our efforts w...

Invest In Timeshares

Invest In TimesharesTaking regular vacations is something that everyone would love but few people actually do. There are many reasons for this I guess, not the least of which is having enough money to get away each year and just relax. For me, one of the biggest reasons that vacations never materialized for my family was because of the stress that it took to plan a great family vacation. Each year we talked about planning a great trip, but when it came to actually planning the trip our efforts were haulted. That all changed, however, when we discovered the wonderful world of timeshares. I knew that timeshares existed long before I purchased some of my own, but I thought that they were only for people with excess money that never had to struggle to pay the bills. When I stumbled upon the idea of owning timeshares for myself many of my preconceptions were changed.Basically, the idea of timeshares is that many people purchase a share of time to own a particular condo or vacation home. For example, purchasing timeshares of a condo for the month of January means that you own that condo for that share of time. The idea of timeshares is great for many reasons.For me, timeshares lessened the stress of planning family vacations each year. With timeshares I knew in advance where we would vacation, where we would stay, and how much it would cost us. The only details to consider were transporation to and from our home to the location of our timeshares and the food we ate while we were away. Timeshares took a lot of the research and hassle out of planning. Another reason I have come to love timeshares is because they are located in a variety of places. Whether you want to vacation in Florida, Colorado, or just outside of Paris each year, I almost guarentee that there are timeshares to be purchased in the area of your choice. There is no limit to the kinds of vacations your family can enjoy with timeshares.I love the predictability of owning timeshares. There is no guessing when it comes to vacation each year. My family and I can enjoy returning to the same vacation spot year after year because we own timeshares. However, another great benefit of owning timeshares is that often you can trade timeshare locations with other owners. When you get tired of visiting the condo that you have purchased in Florida you can trade with an owner for a timeshare in Washington or North Carolina instead.If you are looking for a great way to enjoy years of great vacations, consider if timeshares might be right for you.

Airlines Today's Reality , Yesterday's Dream

Airlines  Today

Only a wishful fantasy a hundred years ago, the modern airline can now boast being one of the largest corporate industries around the world. Spurred on by massive competition between the big three jet manufacturers Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing the 20th century has given birth to this most technologically advanced industry.However, these three corporate giants, located on the West Coast of the United States, have met with stiff competition from specialized companies in Europe, such as Airbus Industrie. Airline manufacturers in Brazil, Australia, Canada and other parts of Europe have also increased the standards that are expected of a modern airline.Airlines surged ahead with massive expansion and vigorous growth after the World War II. Then came the world-wide recession during the early 1980s, forcing the airlines to engage in unique new patterns to woo new customers onto their flights and keep the old ones. Bankruptcies and mergers to avoid bankruptcy became common fears on the stock markets. This resulted in the aircraft manufacturers sinking fast and needing to make sharp reductions in production. The flying customer became like almighty God to the airlines the savior from final dissolution.Fare cutting battles delighted those who had become dependant on airlines for business transportation and allowed the once-a-year traveler to become a traveler during every major holiday. Frequent flyer clubs were almost giving away toasters in order to sign new customers on. The airlines began to join with telephone companies to offer an extra 1000 bonus miles for switching ones telephone service.One of the greatest boons presented for the travelers was being able to fly from a smaller community by a commuter airline. Small town airports sprang up around the globe: one no longer needed to drive hundreds of miles to Chicago or Denver or London to catch a plane. Keeping up with a changing society, the airlines replaced stewardesses with both male and female flight attendants.The challenge of massive air-control for the crowded skies requires that the various airlines work harmoniously in planning and developing airports. These airports have become works of art with fountains that reach three stories up surrounded by luscious, peaceful greenery to soothe the weary travelers. Luxurious lounges for frequent travelers who pay dues are available. Merry-go-rounds and child care can even be found.Of course, inside the airliner itself is a world of conveniences to take the travelers minds off of the time spent in the air. Individual movie screens can be found for each person, along with a full schedule of channels to choose from. An array of radio and music choices are also there, along with whatever electronic hook-ups one might need for their lap-top computers or cell phones.A hundred years ago the thought of flying from one continent to another in a big bird was fantasy, and the current airline structure couldnt even have been created in ones wildest dream. It pays to dream big! And to follow your dreams!

Cheap Discount Holiday Travel For Families

Cheap Discount Holiday Travel For Families

Many people believe that its more difficult to get cheap holidays for families, but if you research, you can find some great money-saving deals.Family holidays are inevitably expensive because of the number of people travelling. In addition, most families are bound by school holidays, which means that they have to travel during the years peak seasons Christmas, Easter and the summer. Try these tips to help keep costs down.1. Travel out of seasonIf you have children that are below school age, then travelling outside the school holidays is a good way to keep costs down. Flying just a week before or after the main holiday periods can make a big difference to the price. For short breaks, try mid-week instead of weekend.2. Try different accommodationInstead of hotels, look into renting a self-catering apartment or villa. These are usually much cheaper than hotel accommodation and although you have to buy your own food, you can still make good savings, and you get the additional benefit of flexibility eat and come and go as you choose which is ideal for a family holiday.3. Book earlyIf you like to return to the same place each year, then think about booking early. The earlier you book, the cheaper it can be and you can always book your accommodation and then wait for cheap flights to be released later on in the year. Register with online sites to get notification of good deals so that you can make savings as soon as possible.4. Special family dealsLook out for package holidays that offer free flights or accommodation for children. Check out the small print to make sure that you really are getting a deal, but these are often great ways of ensuring that you dont have to spend a fortune on your family holiday.By starting early and taking the time to look at special offers and family deals, you can take your family on a great holiday for a great price.

ASTA's Congress Highlights Theme of "Women in Travel:


"There are so lots of wonderful, influential women in the travel industry & i am thrilled that ASTA is recognizing them through this important Congress theme," said ASTA 2004 World Congress Chair-Hong Kong Bev Zukow, CTC. "Additionally, ASTA has been working hard to enhance Congress with some great old features this year."Hong Kong, April 21, 2004 -The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) announced today that the theme of its World Travel Congress in Hong Kong, Sept. 28-Oct. 3, will be "Women in Travel: Influencing, Leading, Empowering." ASTA also announced other exciting developments occurring at this year's annual conference. Also old this year, the opening general session will be combined with the host night dinner. The event will be taking place on Sept. 28. The Hong Kong Tourism Board also is hosting a second all-delegate function. The second event will be held on Sept. 29 & will feature the Sunset Harbor Cruise.In keeping with the theme of this year's Congress, Women in Travel: Influencing, Leading, Empowering, each general session will feature a woman leader from a different segment of the travel industry. ASTA also will be featuring seminar tracks grouped according to their subject matter, than by their target audience. This year's tracks are: Luxury, National Tourism Organizations (NTO), relatives, Exhibitor, Business/Technology & Honeymoon. The Congress also will include business appointments that are being scheduled during the trade show on Oct. 1. These meetings, during which time agents will meet with pre-selected vendors & vendors will meet with pre-selected attendees, will give both buyers & sellers the chance to meet one-on-one & make long-lasting business connections.

Different Types of Timeshare

Timeshares are great way of enjoying the vacation while owning the piece of property with a standard of quality, through which personal expectations are satisfied year after year with the certainty of good facilities with comfortable accommodation made available to the person owning it. The concept of timeshare enables the person to experience a quality holiday among the company of fellow owners like him. The timeshare concept is very simple. A person enjoys ownership by buying a week or weeks for a fixed number of years or for his lifetime in a luxury holiday resort or home. The owner only pays for his share for the upkeep and development of the property he owns. High quality of furnishing and amenities are made very affordable because the developmental cost is shared among all the owners. Different types of timeshare ownerships: Fixed timeshares: This kind of timeshare is only for a particular week or days of the year. The resort sells the particular unit of time says a week or weeks of the year to the person who is willing to buy it. The rest of the year, other owners in similar fashion utilize it.Floating timeshare units: A floating timeshare too is only for a particular period of time fixed. But there is no specification of dates and that is the advantage of floating timeshares, say the owner is eligible to stay for a week of summer, it can be defined by the owner, which week of summer he would like to holiday.Rotational timeshare units: This combines the benefits of both the fixed and the floating type of timeshares. The rotation of holiday stay can go either backwards or forward on the season and calendar, giving opportunity to all owners on a rotational basis.Apart from the above three types of timeshares there are two more kinds of ownerships of timeshare properties, one being the deeded and the other right to use type of ownership. According to the deed property, the owner owns a bit of the real property, bought and sold under the by-laws of the community according to the owners wishes. The right to use kind, allows the person to have right on the property for a particular period of time for a fixed number of years, after which he does not have any rights on the unit or facilities or the time slot.Due to the increase in popularity of timeshare concepts apart from the resorts and apartment style accommodations, it is possible to have a cruise ship timeshare, campground timeshare, yacht and even private jet kinds.

History of Southwest Airlines

Before 34 years back, Rollin King and Herb Kelleher got together and decided to start a different sort of airlines. They started it off with a simple notion that if you get your passenger to their destination on time and at the lowest possible fares then people are sure to fly through your airlines and this hold very true.Therefore a small Texas Airlines turned to become one of the largest airlines in America. Today, Southwest Airlines flies more than 70 million passengers in a year to 60 great cities all across the country and that too 3,000 times in a day.Southwest airlines have 436 of new jets in the nation with an average age of 9 years. Included in the same fleet are three flying killer whales, Shamu One, two and three, Lone Star One, Arizona One, California One, Silver One, Triple Crown One, Nevada One, New Mexico One and the newest addition Maryland One. Out of these Lone Star One is painted like the Texas flag to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Southwest Airlines, Arizona One symbolizes the importance of the state of Arizona to Southwest airlines, California One that is a high flying tribute to the state of California, Silver One is dedicated to the 25th Anniversary plane, Triple Crown One being dedicated to the Employees of Southwest airlines for their marvelous achievement of the five consecutive annual triple crown awards, Nevada One being a tribute to the state of Nevada, New Mexico One also known as Zia is painted in the bright yellow of the New Mexico flag and Maryland One with an artistic rendering of the Maryland flag.During May 1988, Southwest airlines was the first airline to win the coveted Triple Crown for a month- Best on time Record, Best baggage handling and fewest customer complaints that has been won more tha 30 times along with five annual triple crowns for the year 1992, 1993,1994,1995 and 1996 and no other airlines contributed more than the Southwest airlines. For detailed information, visit


Taking regular vacations is something that everyone would love but few people actually do. There are many reasons for this I guess, not the least of which is having enough money to get away each year and just relax. For me, one of the biggest reasons that vacations never materialized for my family was because of the stress that it took to plan a great family vacation. Each year we talked about planning a great trip, but when it came to actually planning the trip our efforts w...